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At McAvoy & Beardsmore we specialise in maintaining the condition of your jewellery. Whether a piece requires repairing, a component replacing or a complete remake, we have the skill and the years of experience to make it happen.

From simple chain repairs to complete remounts, any size job is undertaken and covered by our guarantee service with most repairs completed in a week.

If you're ever unsure about a piece feel free to drop in and have us take a look. A few small repairs can be undertaken while you wait or we can assess a piece to find any weak points or problems before they become breakages.

We recognise the individuality of you and your jewellery and as such we're able to give advice specific to you and your pieces.

Pearl Threading

Pearl Threading

While initially pearl and bead threading can seem fairly generic it is, in fact, a highly skilled job. Not only is it very time consuming but there are also a lot of factors to take into account. Should they be mounted on thread or wire? What kind of thread? Are the original fittings suitable? How do the beads sit against one another? Would that be improved with knots?

We understand that, while seemingly simple, threading is a specialist job requiring a great deal of thought and skill. Because of this we use a specialist threading company to complete re-stringing jobs, with their years of experience creating a firm foundation of skill and judgement, allowing us to help you preserve and create truly beautiful pieces.



If you are unsure as to if or how a repair should be undertaken, or require an accurate price before we start, then we're very happy to give a free of charge estimate. With no obligation to proceed, we can assess your piece and recommend the best way forward.

Sometimes an estimate is required by an insurance company. We're very happy to provide written estimates for this purpose, enabling you to replace your lost items with ease, or claim back the cost of a repair.



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