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Engraving is a wonderful way to personalise a gift. Whether marking a significant birthday, celebrating a wedding or simply making your mark on a piece, engraving can be an excellent addition.

We can help to engrave trophies, personalise wedding bands, decorate silverware and much more.


Most engraving is done by machine but there are other options.

Hand Engraving

Hand engraving is a wonderful way to personalise a piece. Whether it's intricate patterning or simply adding a monogram, the art of hand engraving will lend a unique and bespoke aspect to your piece.

Decorative letter engraving requires a great deal of knowledge and talent. It must be beautiful while remaining legible and appropriate to the style of the piece. What may work well on a trophy could be unsuitable for a wedding band or a watch-back.

An engraved pattern can transform an item from being plain and simple into a truly unique piece, using the texture to catch the eye, picking up reflections from the light sources around it and moving with the wearer.

We use traditional Sheffield engravers with years of experience, hand delivering your piece to ensure security, accurate communication and peace-of-mind. 

Signet Engraving

A good signet ring will be heavy and hard wearing, able to be worn all-day, everyday for years. Adding good quality engraving to the head will help to create an heirloom to be passed on and, with good care, passed on again.

Signets are traditionally engraved in various ways including monogramming, deep-for-show and seal engraving.

Monograms are a wonderful and simple way to personalise your ring. We have range of styles and fonts to choose from or you can even come up with your own. There are a vast array of options for making a ring personal.

Seal engraving is, as the name suggests, used for creating traditional wax seals. The engraving is very deep and in reverse, allowing the ring to be used with wax to create a seal. These are traditionally modelled on Coats of Arms and Crests but more recently there has been a resurgence of people creating their own seals to reflect their lives, inspired by hobbies, occupations, birthplaces and sometimes even pets.



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