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Watches are often given to mark significant occasions in a person's life. They can hold a great deal of sentiment and are usually worn all day leading to wear and tear and the difficulties that come with an ageing mechanism.

At McAvoy & Beardsmore we utilise Yorkshire watchmakers for our repairs and servicing, enabling clear communication, a swift turnaround, and helping to feed the local economy.

We're able to help with battery powered quartz watches as well as mechanical and automatic movements.


If your watch is slow or working intermittently then often a service can remedy the problem. Our watchmakers will take apart the watch, clean and oil components and regulate the timekeeping before undergoing a testing program to ensure the watch operates to its best ability.


Wear and tear leads to breakages but whether it's a cracked glass, a missing hand or an internal component we can help. We can repair watch bracelets whether strained and broken or simply missing a pin, as well as renew watch cases and restore dials.

Batteries and Straps


We also have a large selection of watch straps and batteries which we can fit while you browse our showroom. Most straps are leather and come in an array of colours, patterns and styles to personalise your watch however you want. We also have straps in steel and various other materials such as rubber, silicone and canvas.



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