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Jewellery repair is a very important part of our business. A lot of life's milestones are marked with a piece of jewellery, often worn everyday as a reminder of the love we feel for one another. As such, these important and sentimental pieces can wear and break.

At McAvoy & Beardsmore our expertise and experience as working jewellers enables us to provide our clients with a wide range of repair services. If a ring no longer fits and needs sizing, if a chain has broken and requires re-joining, a new clasp or an extension, or if a stone has loosened and needs tightening or even replacing, we have the knowledge and ability to help.

If your earrings have a post, when you prefer hooks or you require new scrolls, we can alter, provide and fit the appropriate components. We regularly supply, fit and solder charms, catches and safety chains.

We provide free estimates for our work, when required, and most standard repairs can be completed in one week, returned to you having received a full clean and polish.


Sometimes a piece is so worn that a simple repair won't do the job. ​Renovation provides peace of mind and knowledge that, in spite of a pieces age, it can still be worn without worry.


Perhaps a setting needs replacing or maybe fitting new claws will provide the best option. If the shank of a ring is worn thin then we can replace that and have it looking like new again.


An engagement ring is often abraded by the wedding band it sits next to, the shank of the ring and the sides of the setting can become worn to the point of needing replacement. The claws holding any stones in place are often the most exposed parts of the ring and can slowly wear paper-thin, diminishing confidence in the piece of jewellery.

Even if you're unsure as to what to do, drop in and we can discuss ideas and options. ​We can advise on the best course of action to renew a piece.


Sometimes a piece is too worn to repair. Sometimes the style of it just doesn't suit any longer. Sometimes you need a new piece of jewellery making.

We often have customers who have inherited jewellery from a loved one. They can be very worn, full of previous repairs or simply an aged design which doesn't appeal to the new owner, despite being part of a cherished memory of a loved one. In cases like these we often recommend creating a new piece from the old, maintaining the sentiment behind the original while adding your own personal touch and the foundations for new memories to the piece.

We can reuse and recycle various aspects of your jewellery, designing a new piece with clear and distinct links to the old by reusing settings, shanks and stones.

Also at our disposal is an array of modern computer-aided design software, allowing us to create photo-realistic images and 3D printed models of your new piece before it's made.

At McAvoy & Beardsmore we understand why your jewellery is important. A piece of jewellery is a very personal item. As such, it needs to suit you. We can help you ensure that your old pieces of jewellery are truly yours, fitting with your taste, your memories and your lifestyle.



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